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REAHC test report-REAHC test agency for facial massager

Facial massager REACH test report for consulting TCT third-party testing agency, facial massager is a very simple and practical face-lifting product, simple and practical functions, meet the requirements of friends for facial maintenance. The unique elastic fiber of the facial massager ensures the flexibility of the product; the three-effect combination of blood circulation, beauty and face-lifting can effectively relax your spirit after depressing work. Frequent use of facial massager can make the skin soft, smooth and delicate. Amazon has always been a place for merchants to compete. If the facial massager wants to enter the Amazon European site REACH test report is indispensable. The purpose of REACH certification:

Protect human health and the environment; maintain and improve the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry; increase the transparency of chemical information; reduce vertebrate testing; consistent with the EU’s international obligations under the WTO framework. In a substantial sense, the REACH regulation will promote the innovation of the chemical industry, make it produce safer products, and stimulate competition and growth. Different from the current complex regulatory system, REACH will create a unified chemical management system within the EU, enabling companies to follow the same principles to produce new chemicals and their products.

The content of the REAHC test report:

Registration (Registration) All chemical substances with an annual output or import volume of more than 1 ton need to be registered, and chemical substances with an annual output or import volume of more than 10 tons should also submit a chemical safety report.

Evaluation (Evaluation) includes file evaluation and material evaluation. File evaluation is to check the completeness and consistency of the registration files submitted by the company. Substance assessment refers to the confirmation of the risk of chemical substances harming human health and the environment.

Authorization (Authorization) authorizes the production and import of chemical substances that have certain hazardous properties and attract people’s attention, including CMR, PBT, vPvB, etc.

Restriction If it is deemed that the manufacture, placing on the market or use of a certain substance, its configuration, or products will cause the risk to human health and the environment to be insufficiently controlled, its production or import in the EU will be restricted. Note: PBT persistence, bioaccumulation and toxic chemicals vPvB high persistence, high bioaccumulation chemicals CMR carcinogenic, mutagenic and biotoxic substances.

REAHC detection process of facial massager:

Step 1: apply

The applicant fills in the application form and provides a list of product components

Step 2: Quotation

TCT engineers determine the test cost based on the materials provided

Step 3: Test

After the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the application form and service agreement, pay the full project fee, and prepare the test samples; (the specific test sample quantity is connected with the staff).

Step 4: Issue a report

5-7 working days to pass the test cycle (can be expedited), the report is completed, the project is completed, and the REACH test report is issued;

For facial massager REAHC testing fees, consult TCT third-party testing agencies. REACH certification fees are differentiated between metal and non-metal. If your products are all non-metal, the testing fee is about $600. If your product materials are all metal testing The cost is about 700 US dollars, if it is metal and non-metal, the cost will be a little more expensive.