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Amazon REACH certification Dishwasher REACH test report

Everyone knows that the export of dishwashers to the EU needs to apply for CE certification. Recently, a customer called the editor to say that their products were CE certified and sold on Amazon’s European station and they were also taken off the shelves without knowing why. The latest news The Amazon platform requires products to enter the European site Amazon platform to provide REACH test reports, so dishwashers exported to the EU need to meet the CE certification, which is also a mandatory requirement for REACH certification if it enters Amazon. The REACH test report is actually a test report on environmental protection. TCT third-party testing agencies have chemical laboratories that can handle Amazon REACH test reports on their behalf.

REACH testing is a regulation on the registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction of chemicals in the EU market; the use and content of toxic and hazardous substances within the REACH regulation are restricted. It is the abbreviation of EU regulation “Registration concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” (REGULATION concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), established by the European Union and implemented on June 1, 2007. system.

Dishwashers stationed in Amazon certification related requirements:

Ordinary household products for CE certification need to be processed in accordance with the EMC Directive, Low Voltage LVD Directive and Reach Directive. The CE certification of dishwashers is carried out in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC).

First of all, we need to know the difference between low-voltage CE certification and electromagnetic compatibility CE certification. The low-voltage CE certification stipulates that the certified products are AC 50~1000v, or DC 75~1500v motor products. Note that or is used here, that is to say , If any of the AC or DC power of a product meets this range, low-voltage CE certification is required, which is the LVD directive.

The electromagnetic compatibility CE certification requires that the system or equipment can work normally in the electromagnetic environment where it is located, and at the same time cannot cause interference to other systems and equipment, that is, to comply with the EMC directive.

Because the substances of high concern involved in the REACH test regulations are the most common substances in chemical tests, the products can be positioned as environmentally friendly products. In addition to being positioned as an environmentally friendly product, it can also issue a REACH report during customs clearance to avoid losses caused by the withholding of the goods.

Amazon REACH certification process:

  1. The applicant fills in the application form and provides the product list;
  2. Determine the test cost according to the product provided;
  3. Confirm the quotation, sign the service agreement and pay the full project fee, and prepare test samples
  4. The test is passed and the report is completed;
  5. The project is completed and REACH test report is issued

Products that need to be tested under REACH:

  1. Chemicals, alloys, plastic products, semi-finished products, accessories
  2. Toys, furniture, cosmetics, stationery, paints, paints, glues and detergents
  3. Textile and clothing, footwear products, leather products and accessories
  4. Electrical and electronic products and other products, etc.
  5. Household goods, leisure and sports goods, etc.

Dishwasher Amazon REACH test report processing consulting TCT third-party testing agency, TCT testing agency with CNAS/CMA qualification can provide one-stop REACH testing services, issue EU REACH test reports, eliminate trade barriers brought by REACH regulations, and clarify the supply chain The responsibilities and obligations of upstream and downstream parties, through professional services, strive to improve the compliance awareness of all parties in the trade.