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Food contact material U.S. certification-U.S. FDA testing and certification

What U.S. certifications are required for food contact materials to be exported to the U.S.? The export of food contact materials to the United States needs to pass the FDA food-grade inspection, which is the most authoritative food and drug monitoring agency in the world. FDA is the abbreviation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it is also one of the most well-known institutions in the world. Since its establishment in 1906, the US FDA has been committed to industry supervision in many fields such as food, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. TCT third-party testing agencies can handle FDA testing reports for US food contact materials on their behalf.

Food contact materials refer to all materials that can come into contact with food during the process of processing, manufacturing, packaging, storing, and transporting food. Common materials include various plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, bamboo and wood products. The environmental safety of these materials that can come into contact with food is directly related to the safety and health of the user’s diet. Therefore, the export of such products to the United States needs to comply with FDA standards. Carry out relevant testing and certification.

Significance of FDA testing for food contact materials

Food contact materials and products may affect the odor, taste and color of food during the process of contact with food, and may release a certain amount of toxic chemical components such as heavy metals and toxic additives. These chemical components will migrate into the food. Ingested by the human body, endangering human health. The FDA has relevant testing standards for materials in contact with food to ensure that food and contact materials meet the requirements of the US FDA and do not endanger human health.

The difference between U.S. FDA testing, U.S. FDA certification and U.S. FDA registration

FDA is strictly divided into FDA registration and FDA inspection. There is no so-called FDA certification. In general, FDA certification can be understood as FDA registration certification. Some testing agencies also specially issue an FDA certification certificate to their customers. In fact, this is not recognized by the FDA. The FDA only has registration and testing.

FDA inspection fee (food contact material)

Generally speaking, the cost of food-grade material testing is based on the material of the product. The charge for a material is about 1,000 yuan per material. The reporting period is about 1 week. The FDA report can be used for customs clearance or on the Amazon platform.

The main test standards of FDA food contact materials are based on:

(1) 21 CFR Part 177-2003, that is, polymer substances.

(2) 21CFR Part 175-2003: Adhesives and coating materials, metals;

(3) 21CFR Part 176-2003: Paper and cardboard products

(4) 21CFR Part 178-2003: Food additives: auxiliary, production auxiliary and disinfectant

(5) FDA CPG 7117.05: Requirements for silver-plated products

(6) FDA CPG 7117.06&07 requirements for glass, ceramic and enamelware

Common food contact materials FDA certification test items are as follows:

  1. Organic coatings, metal and electroplated products require U.S. FDA CFR 21 175.300
  2. Paper products require U.S. FDA CFR 21 176.170
  3. Wood requirements U.S. FDA CFR 21 178.3800
  4. ABS requires U.S. FDA CFR 21 181.32 or 180.22.
  5. Acrylic requires U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1010
  6. Requirements for sealing rings and gaskets of food containers, such as silicone rubber rings U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1210

7.EVA requires U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1350

  1. Melamine resin (melamine) requires U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1460
  2. Nylon plastic requirements U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1500

10.PP requires U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1520

  1. PE, OP requires U.S. FDA CFR 21 177.1520

The above is related to the FDA registration of food contact materials in the United States. If you have a product that needs to be registered and tested by the US FDA, you can consult a third-party testing agency of TCT. The US FDA testing standards supervise and test food and drugs. The United States is highly Developed countries have very strict requirements on the raw materials and processing technology of food contact materials. Only products that meet the relevant testing standards can be normally sold in the US market.