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China Environmental Protection Certification National Standard ROHS Testing and Certification Agency

What is the national standard ROHS testing and certification? China environmental protection ROHS testing and certification report consultation TCT third-party testing agency, TCT is a testing agency with chemical laboratories, can provide national standard ROHS testing reports, EU ROHS testing reports, food-grade testing reports, various chemical-related testing and certification service.

Background introduction of China’s environmental protection ROHS testing and certification:

The “Opinions on the Implementation of the Voluntary Certification of Electronic Information Product Pollution Control Unified by the State” clearly stated that the CNCA and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology should take measures to encourage and support manufacturers, sellers, and importers of electronic information products for their production, Sales and import of electronic information products apply for national pollution control certification, such as including reductions and exemptions on waste electrical and electronic product disposal funds for products that meet national voluntary pollution control certification and related certified enterprises, priority inclusion in government procurement plans, Promote the acceptance of international mutual recognition and compulsory certification to the national push RoHS certification results.

National standard rohs certification model:

Mode 1: Type test + post-certification supervision Applicable parts and components products, material products.

Mode 2: Sampling test + supervision after certification Applicable parts and components products.

Mode 3: Optimization test + post-certification supervision Applicable to complete machine products and component products.

Mode 4: Sampling test + initial factory inspection + post-certification supervision All products within the scope of applicable rules.

China environmental protection ROHS testing and certification process:

  1. Submit product testing application form;
  2. The testing party provides a quotation to the customer;
  3. Negotiate testing cost, cycle and sample quantity;
  4. Mail samples to the testing company;
  5. The laboratory arranges sample testing;
  6. The test is completed (if not passed, the applicant will be notified to make corrections)
  7. Confirm that the company name, address, contact information, telephone number, etc. are correct.
  8. The report is mailed to the applicant and the test is over.

ROHS ten test items:

  1. Lead (Pb) 2. Cadmium (Cd) 3, Mercury (Hg) 4, Hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) 5, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) 6, Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) 7, Diisophthalate Butyl ester (DIBP) 8, phthalic acid (2-ethylhexyl ester) (DEHP) 9, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) 10, butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP)

China’s environmental protection rohs testing and certification scope:

  1. Regular household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.
  2. Small household appliances: vacuum cleaners, electric irons, hair dryers, ovens, clocks, etc.
  3. IT and communication equipment: computers, fax machines, telephones, mobile phones, etc.
  4. Civil equipment: radios, televisions, video recorders, musical instruments, etc.
  5. Lighting appliances: fluorescent lamps other than household lighting, lighting control devices
  6. Power tools: electric drills, lathes, welding, sprayers, etc.
  7. Toys/entertainment, sports equipment: electric cars, video game consoles, automatic gambling machines, etc.
  8. Medical equipment: radiotherapy apparatus, electrocardiogram tester, analytical instrument, etc.
  9. Monitoring/control devices: smoke detectors, thermostats, factory monitoring and control machines, etc.
  10. Vending machines

China environmental protection ROHS testing and certification consulting TCT testing and certification agencies, the level of RoHS certification costs depends on the type and quantity of test product materials, and the requirements of the test items. According to the requirements of EU regulations WEEE and RoHS directives, ROHS testing is based on material and color The fee is charged because the product needs to be split according to the material during the test. Different materials need to be tested for harmful substances, and the packaging materials of different materials need to be tested separately, so the charge is also the same. Specific costs can be provided with product pictures or BOM tables, and TCT engineers quoted after testing requirements.