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Low voltage CE certification (LVD) CE testing and certification body

The CE-certified low-voltage LVD directive applies to all motor products with their own functions in the voltage range of AC 50~1000V and DC 75~1500V. This definition refers to the scope of application of the directive, not the limit of the directive (for example, when using AC 230V In the computer, the danger caused by the DC 12V circuit is also regulated by the LVD). The CE certification LVD directive applies to products provided to consumers and industrial use. If it is industrial equipment, the directive also covers the products used by the manufacturer (for example: test equipment).

The CE system of LVD is similar to the EMC directive. All products within the scope of application must have the CE mark, and must have a declaration of conformity signed by the manufacturer’s representative or the importer. A simple self-declaration is not enough to confirm that the product is safe (“safety” is defined as not causing deaths, injuries, and financial damage to personnel or livestock). For this reason, LVD’s declaration needs to be supported by technical documentation.

Products related to the CE certification LVD directive:

  1. General description of the machine equipment;
  2. Conceptual design and manufacturing drawings;
  3. Understand the descriptions and instructions necessary for these drawings;
  4. List all or part of the applicable standards, and describe the countermeasures taken to meet the directive’s security viewpoint;
  5. The calculation results of the design and the inspection of the implementation process;
  6. Test report.

Low-voltage LVD directive testing standards:

CE Certification Standard for Home Appliances (EN60335)

CE certification standard for lighting products (EN60598)

Audiovisual products CE certification standard (EN60065)

Information product CE certification standard (EN60950)

Electrical machinery CE certification standard (EN60204)

CE certification standards for measuring instruments (EN61010)

Product CE low-voltage LVD instruction handling process:

  1. Description of electrical equipment;
  2. Design principles and components and circuit diagrams;
  3. In order to understand the above drawings and descriptions and instructions required for the operation of electrical equipment;
  4. A list of all or part of the applicable standards, as well as descriptions of measures taken to meet the safety requirements of this Directive if the standards are not adopted;
  5. Calculations and inspection results made during design;
  6. Test report.

Low-voltage CE certification LVD instruction for consultation with TCT third-party CE inspection agency, LVD is an instruction under CE certification, CE certification in addition to LVD instruction, there are more than 20 other instructions, the most used are EMC instructions, ERP instructions, ROHS Instructions etc. When a product is marked with the CE mark, it indicates that the product has met the relevant directive requirements. In fact, the CE certification includes the LVD directive. Some products only involve the LVD instruction and only need to apply for the LVD instruction, and some products are for many instructions under the CE certification.