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3C certification

What does 3c certification mean?

In December 2001, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the “Management Regulations on Compulsory Product Certification”, which replaced the original imported product safety and quality licensing system and electrical product safety certification system with a compulsory product certification system. China Compulsory Product Certification is referred to as CCC certification or 3C certification. It is a statutory and compulsory safety certification system, and it is also a basic practice widely adopted internationally to protect the rights and interests of consumers and maintain the safety of consumers’ personal and property.

The main purpose of “3C certification”:

The main function of 3C certification is to ensure that products that are frequently exposed to certain dangerous products in life meet the requirements for safe use, such as electric shock hazards (generally, the products that require 3C certification are mostly live) compulsory product certification system. After China joins the World Trade Organization, it needs to have a complete product standard system in order to be in line with the world economy. Most countries have their own product standards. For example, the European Union has CE certification, Japan has PSE certification, and Australia has SAA certification. Its purpose It is a compulsory product certification system introduced to protect the personal and property safety of its citizens.

3c certificate sample:

Mandatory 3c certification certificate sample

3C certification marks are divided into four categories:

The current “CCC” certification marks are divided into four categories, namely:

  1. CCC+S safety certification mark;
  2. CCC+EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification mark;
  3. CCC+S&E safety and electromagnetic compatibility certification mark;
  4. CCC+F fire certification mark;

The composition and meaning of CCC: the English words China (China), Compulsory (compulsory) and Certification (certification), together means: “China Compulsory Certification”. It should be noted that the 3C mark is not a quality mark, but a basic safety certification.

For more 3C certification mark content, please refer to the article: 3C certification mark specifications

3C certification mark

Catalogue of China’s Compulsory 3c Certification:

Any product listed in the 3C certification product catalog without being certified by the 3C certification body and sold in the country without authorization is an illegal act, and the consequences of corresponding administrative penalties and legal risks shall be borne. Relevant law enforcement agencies such as the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and the Industry and Commerce Bureau have the right to seize and impose fines on unlicensed products.

Specific penalties can be found in the article: What penalties will you face if you fail to do 3C certification?

Since May 1, 2003, China has officially implemented compulsory certification management for 132 products in 19 categories. Home appliances are among the first batch of products subject to compulsory certification. They have not obtained compulsory product certification and have not applied the Chinese compulsory certification mark. The products shall not leave the factory, import or sell.

CCC certified product catalog:

  1. Wires and cables (5 types in total)
  2. Circuit switches and electrical devices for protection or connection (6 types in total)
  3. Low-voltage electrical appliances (9 types in total)
  4. Low-power motors (1 type in total)
  5. Electric tools (16 types in total)
  6. Electric welding machine (15 types in total)
  7. Household and similar equipment (18 types in total)
  8. Audio and video equipment (16 types in total)
  9. Information technology equipment (12 types in total)
  10. Lighting equipment (2 types in total)
  11. Motor vehicles and safety accessories (4 types in total)
  12. Motor vehicle tires (3 types in total)
  13. Safety glass (3 types in total)
  14. Telecommunications terminal equipment (9 types in total)
  15. Safety technical protection products (1 types in total)
  16. Decoration products (2 types in total)
  17. Toys (6 kinds in total)

The above are the product categories that need to be CCC certified. For detailed product categories, click: 3c certified product catalog full version

Conditions required for 3C certification:

First, a business license is required;

The second-produced product is in the 3C certification compulsory product list;

Thirdly, it needs to have its own factory building;

Fourth, have certain financial strength;

The fifth company has relevant documents, production environment, warehouse management and other important documents. For detailed application requirements, please refer to the article: What conditions are required for 3C certification

How much does it cost to apply for 3C certification?

  1. 3C certification application fee, registration certificate fee: 1300
  2. 3C certification factory inspection fee: 5000
  3. 3C certification agency service fee (all service fees are waived for 3C certification, including rectification and quick 3C certification)
  4. Product testing fee: different products and testing costs will vary according to different national standards. For details, please contact Huanweiwei sales staff: 4008-258-120

Process of handling 3C certification:

1: Application acceptance

2: Data review

3: Receipt of samples sent

4: Sample test

5: Factory inspection

6: Conformity assessment

7: Certificate approval

8: Certificate printing, receiving, sending and management, detailed process introduction reference article: 3C certification detailed process introduction

What are the inspections of the 3C certification factory inspection:

  1. Factory quality assurance ability review
  2. Product consistency check
  3. 3C factory inspection fee per supervisory auditor is 2500 yuan per working day.
  4. 3C factory inspection method

(A) Time required for 3C factory inspection: The initial inspection of 3C factory is usually conducted by two inspectors for one day, and the supervision and inspection is usually conducted by two inspectors for half a day. Of course, sometimes one day is required, depending on the specific situation.

(B) The initial factory inspection of 3C can be carried out separately or combined with the supervision and inspection.

(C) Factory inspection includes both document inspection and on-site inspection. The two inspectors have a division of labor, one is biased towards document inspection and the other is biased towards on-site inspection.

For more detailed questions, please consult our engineers! Or refer to the article: 3C factory inspection content and requirements

Information required for 3C certification:

  1. Application form.
  2. A copy of the applicant’s “Business License of Enterprise Legal Person” or registration certificate (provided at the time of initial application or change);
  3. Organizational chart of the production plant (provided at the time of initial application or change);
  4. Process flow chart of products applying for certification (provided at the time of initial application or change);
  5. List of key instruments and equipment used for routine inspection (see factory quality control inspection requirements in the certification implementation rules) (provided at the time of initial application or change);
  6. Product assembly drawing and electrical schematic diagram;
  7. The Chinese nameplate and warning mark of the certified product (in duplicate);
  8. Chinese instruction manual for the certified product;
  9. Explanation of the differences between products of various models in the same application unit;
  10. Appearance photos of each model product in the same application unit (in duplicate); other relevant information required when necessary (if CB test report is available, please provide).

Detailed information requirements refer to the article: Information and requirements for 3C certification

Nine, 3C certification agency:

For small factories or companies that apply for 3C certification for the first time, it is recommended to find a professional consulting company, because the 3C certification process is complicated (involving application, testing, factory inspection, etc.) and involves many offices, such as:

  1. The application must be applied to the Beijing CQC headquarters, the test is carried out in the local laboratory, and the factory inspection needs to contact the local CQC sub-center;
  2. There are many document requirements (there are more than 20 professional documents to be submitted for application and testing, and as many as 80 documents required for factory inspection;
  3. Many manufacturers may have done CE certification, FCC certification, and SAA certification. These certifications are relatively simple, but they have not done 3C certification, and they have no professional knowledge, experience and coordination resources. If they rush to apply for it, they often run into obstacles everywhere, and the gains outweigh the gains.

In summary, 3C certification is difficult to do without high professional knowledge and coordination resources.

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