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Third-party testing agency for the analysis of cosmetic water components

Consult the TCT third-party testing agency for the composition analysis of the lotion. The composition analysis report of the lotion is what we often call the quality inspection report. We have a third-party inspection agency with CNAS/CMA qualification. QB/T 2660-2004 “Lotion” is tested, including the total number of colonies, the total number of molds and yeasts, fecal coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. We look at testing for toners, toners, lotions, essences, aftershave lotions, makeup sprays, etc.

Process of handling cosmetic water composition quality inspection report:

  1. Consult customer service to confirm whether it can meet your own requirements, including confirming the test items, cost and cycle issues.
  2. Fill in the test application form, send it by the customer service staff, and provide the electronic version.
  3. Arrange samples, send samples to be tested by express delivery, arrange testing, and arrange personnel for testing by the testing department and reporting department of the testing laboratory.
  4. To confirm the report, first issue a draft report for confirmation, notify the customer service-style report after the information is correct, send the report, the paper report is sent to the customer by courier, and the electronic report is sent by online communication methods such as email.
  5. The quality inspection report processing cycle is 5-7 days, and you can apply for expedited (a certain expedited fee is charged).

Analysis and testing standards of makeup water components:

  1. GB 7916-1987 “Hygiene Standards for Cosmetics”
  2. QB/T 2660-2004 “Cosmetic Water Ingredients”

Makeup water composition analysis test items:

Appearance (distinguish single-layer type and multi-layer type)



Heat resistant


The relative density (20/20) must be accompanied by a limit value and the specified density must be notified

Total number of bacteria

Total number of molds and yeasts

Thermostable coliforms

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Staphylococcus aureus





Methanol (Excluding methanol for lotions without ethanol and isopropanol)

The above is the relevant information about lotion quality inspection report processing. These daily necessities of lotion are necessities that we use every day, especially now that there is a flood of micro-businesses and various sales promotion are endless. The safety of daily necessities is directly related to our face, which is exposed online. There are endless cases of disfigurement caused by the use of fake and inferior cosmetics. We should pay attention to cosmetics testing. If you have a product that needs to apply for related testing and certification, you can contact a third-party testing agency of TCT. We can also provide related testing and certification services for the countries where the product is exported.

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