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E-commerce quality inspection report-textile e-commerce quality inspection agency

How to handle the textile e-commerce quality inspection report? Where can I apply for the textile e-commerce quality inspection report? E-commerce can be said to penetrate all aspects of our lives, but do you know that all products need to provide a quality inspection report handled by a third-party testing agency when entering the e-commerce platform? The quality inspection report is a safety and performance test for the product According to the report, it can successfully enter other platforms such as Tmall and JD.com or supermarkets. TCT third-party testing agencies can handle textiles, footwear, luggage, toys and baby products, light industrial products, cosmetics, electronic appliances and other fields on behalf of them. The testing items include component content testing, national standard testing, formaldehyde testing, and color fastness. Testing, marking, etc.

E-commerce platform Tmall/Taobao/JD quality inspection report requirements:

  1. Tmall, JD.com, Pinduoduo and major shopping malls stipulate that the submitted quality inspection report must be provided by a third-party authoritative testing organization with CNAS and CMA qualifications.
  2. CNAS: A certificate issued by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment showing that the testing laboratory has testing capabilities.
  3. CMA: China Metrology Certification. Only testing institutions accredited by CMA can engage in testing and inspection work. Quality inspection reports are allowed to carry the CMA mark and have legal effect.

At the same time, the mall also launched a product sampling inspection system on March 11, which regularly conducts random inspections of corresponding products and sellers based on platform transactions, refunds, complaints and other data information. Once a product quality problem is found, Tmall Mall will punish it in accordance with regulations and publicize the results of the punishment. If the circumstances are serious, it will be directly reported to the industrial and commercial administration or even transferred to the public security agency.

How to handle the textile e-commerce quality inspection report?

  • The first step: application acceptance. After receiving the application that meets the requirements, the certification body will issue a notice of acceptance to the applicant, informing the applicant to send or post relevant documents and materials. At the same time, the certification body sends relevant charges and notices. The applicant shall provide the information to the certification body as required. After the applicant pays, fill in the payment voucher as required.
  • The second step: data review. In the data review stage, the product certification engineer needs to divide the application unit. After the unit is divided, if sample testing is required, the product certification engineer sends a sample delivery notice and corresponding payment notice to the applicant, and at the same time, informs the applicant to send a sample acceptance notice to the corresponding testing agency.
  • The third step: TCT sample reception. The sample shall be delivered directly to the designated testing institution by the applicant. After the applicant pays, fill in the payment voucher as required. The testing agency shall check and accept the collected samples, fill in the sample acceptance report, and issue a sample rectification notice for unqualified samples, and fill in the sample acceptance report after rectification. After the sample is checked and accepted, the testing agency fills in the sample testing progress table and submits it to the certification agency. After receiving the progress of sample testing, the certification body will issue a formal acceptance notice to the applicant after confirming that the applicant’s relevant fees have been paid, and the testing agency will issue a test task letter, and the sample testing will officially begin.
  • The fourth step: The work that the sample testing company should do in the type test stage is: send test samples, required parts and technical materials, understand the test progress, and make timely corrections in accordance with the sample test correction notice if there are unqualified items. After the sample test is over, the testing agency will fill in the sample test result notification. The testing agency also sends test reports and other data to the certification agency.
  • The fifth step: The detection is complete. The TCT testing agency receives the samples for testing, after the testing is completed, the product testing report is issued, the electronic file quality inspection report is sent to the customer, and the original is mailed to the customer company!

Purpose of processing textile inspection report:

  1. Determine whether the product quality is qualified
  2. Determine the product quality level or the severity of the defect
  3. Check the process and supervise the quality of the process
  4. Collect statistics and analyze quality data to provide a basis for quality improvement and quality management activities
  5. Carry out arbitration inspection to determine responsibility for quality accidents
  6. Bidding and bidding-government departments and public institutions bidding
  7. Enter large supermarkets or stores, major online shopping malls
  8. Review certificate and apply for government subsidy